Reviewing and other requirements

The author, who submitted materials for publication, is deemed to have agreed:

– to a one-time free publication of an article in the Journal;

– that the article may be rejected in the case of non-compliance with the requirements or because of the negative conclusion of the reviewers;

– to a further free placement on web-sites of the Scientific and Research Institute of Intellectual Property of the NALS of Ukraine and V. Vernadskyi National Library of Ukraine.

– that received materials are not returned to authors.

Ghostwriting and guest authorship. The author confirms in written declaration that they is the true author of the article; that they owns the copyright to the submitted materials. In addition, the author notes that the article was not created with the financial support (otherwise the author has to note a source of support). The author certifies the article is not the result of ghostwriting. If the article is written in collaboration, the author declares that the contribution of each author is significant, and no person indicated as the author for no reason.

Reviewing. Submitted articles are double anonymously reviewed.

Reviewers cannot copy articles provided for review or use knowledge of the content of the article before its publication. Reviewing takes place on the basis of confidentiality. While reviewing the article reviewer shall stick to the requirements of the Ethics Committee in publications (Committee on Publication Ethics, COPE) and experience of leading scientific communities.

Review displays following issues:

  • is the name of the article corresponds with its content;
  • whether the paper has a novelty;
  • is there an appropriate scientific level;
  • is it valuable to publish the article taking into account existing literature at the time of the review;
  • what are the positive aspects and drawbacks of the article; what corrections and additions to be made (if necessary).

Reviewer sends comments the editorial, which then forwards them to the author. After receiving the reviewer’s comments, the author must correct the deficiencies within the fixed period. In case of disagreement with the reviewer’s remarks, the author must provide a valid objection.

Not reviewed: articles, the authors (co-authors) of which are members of the Editorial Board of the Journal; articles, which are written by request of the Editorial Board.

Other information. The editorial staff reserves the right to shorten and to edit the presented texts. The author is responsible for reliability of information and statistic data. The editors may disagree with the author’s position.

The editorial staff reserves the right to return materials to the authors for the correction of the found mistakes. The articles presented with the infringement of the stated requirements will not be published. The editors do not write letters to the correspondents

Moral rights are inalienable and belong to the authors of articles. Property rights to published articles written by employees within the execution of their contracts belong to the Scientific and Research Institute of Intellectual Property.

Authors submitting articles for publication warrant that the work is not an infringement of any existing copyright and will indemnify the publisher against any breach of such warranty. For ease of dissemination and to ensure proper policing of use, papers and contributions become the legal copyright of the publisher unless otherwise agreed.

Re-publication of the articles of the journal “Theory and Practice of Intellectual Property” is possible only after the permission of the publisher. Reproduction of the magazine or its parts by any means or in any form, including Internet, is prohibited without written permission of the editorial.