The National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine accumulates the creative potential of leading scientific and educational legal institutions of Ukraine, is actively involved in the process of reforming the national legal system and legislation contributes to the legislative provision, the development required for the formation of the ideology of nation-building socially-oriented market economy, the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms , equality of all before the law and the courts, the deepening of the democratic principles of interaction between the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government, the rule of law, the implementation of legal and judicial protection and mutual responsibility and citizen.

The Academy and its agencies are directly involved in the development and implementation of a number of state programs on innovative development, investment activities, establishment and legal protection of business entities, the protection of intellectual property rights, professional development of civil servants and the legal culture of the population, the development of a legal key national programs education, deepening the legal knowledge of the election process participants, local government development, adaptation of Ukrainian legislation to European Union legislation, crime prevention in Ukraine, counteraction “laundering” of proceeds of crime, anti-trafficking programs and so on.

Almost every law in Ukraine was created with the participation of members of the Academy and researchers of its institutions. A number of important projects of regulations was designed for the President of Ukraine, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, its committees, the Cabinet of Ministers, Constitutional Court, Supreme Court, Supreme Economic Court of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Security Service, General Prosecutor’s Office, individual ministries and departments. At the request of state authorities and local self-governments, enterprises, institutions and organizations, employees of the Academy do professional expertise, provide numerous legal findings and recommendations.

One of the most important areas of functioning of the Academy is publishing. In particular, it has been prepared the scientific and practical comments to the Constitution of Ukraine, the Criminal, Criminal Procedure and other Codes of Ukraine. A significant achievement was the publication in 2008 the substantial research in the five volumes of The legal system of Ukraine: history, current state and perspectives, which was the result of a long painstaking work of scientists of the National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine. In 2011 it was published the second edition of the book translated into Russian. In 2013 it was published in English. For the preparation of 5-volume scholarly edition of The legal system of Ukraine: history, current state and prospects 10 scientists of the Academy in accordance with the Decree of the President of Ukraine from May 18, 2012 received the State Prize in Science and Technology.

A significant result of 20 years of the National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine is the publication of the monograph The legal doctrine of Ukraine by the team of 174 scientists, including more than 90 members of the National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine. This fundamental scientific work comprehensively and thoroughly covers the issues of formation of the national legal doctrine in various stages of development of our statehood, examines its current state with all the achievements and problems, justifies trends and prospects of its reform and improvement.

Since it establishment the Academy has been the organizer and co-organizer of more than 500 international, Ukrainian and regional conferences, seminars, workshops and other scientific activities, the subjects of which had become topical issues of national law. Expanding communications of the National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine with foreign scientific and educational centers. Academy restores tradition of integration with scientific institutions and higher legal educational institutions of the CIS and other foreign countries. Foreign Members of the Academy are the famous scientists: Karl Kastner (Germany) and William Elliott Butler (Great Britain).

The scientific potential of the Academy aims to address urgent priorities facing Ukraine in the sphere of law. Scientists are doing productive work for the strengthening and development of independence of our country, the development of legal science, the rule of law, concerned about the improvement of legal education in the Ukrainian society. Now Academy faces new challenges, in particular, the drafting of amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine, the preparation of draft legislation to reform the judiciary, public authorities and local self-government.


Yours faithfully,

 Honorary President

The National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine,

Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

 Vasyl Tatsiy