About the Journal

Founder: The Scientific Research Institute of Intellectual Property of the National Academy of Law Sciences (NALS) of Ukraine

The Scientific Research Institute of Intellectual Property of the NALS of Ukraine – the publisher and the owner – published the first issue of the Journal “Intellectual Capital” in the February 13, 2002. Over time, the Journal was renamed – now it is “Theory and Practice of Intellectual Property”; scientific and practical Journal and a periodical (Certificate of state registration KB № 10573 issued 07.11.2005).

Later the Journal has been included in the list of specialized editions on legal sciences of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine (the Decree of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine № 3-05/11 of 15.12.2004). Thanks to this publications acquire the status of scientific papers.

ISSN for printed version is 2308-0361

“Theory and Practice of Intellectual Property” journal is included into the Index Copernicus Database (http://jml2012.indexcopernicus.com/++++,p5606,6.html).

For more than a decade passed from the foundation of the journal, the authors of publications were prominent scholars, politicians, public figures in Ukraine and abroad, including Carlos Pascual, the former U.S.A. ambassador to Ukraine, B. Paton, the president of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; V. Tatsiy, the president of the NALS Ukraine, T. Tainer, the president of the International Coalition to Combat Counterfeiting, A. Dietz, the head of the research group at the Institute for Intellectual Property, Competition and Tax Law Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition (Germany). The Journal often involved scholars of leading Ukrainian and foreign universities, including V. Mizaras, Head of a department at Vilnius University (Lithuania), I. Nestoruk, Faculty of Law of European University Viadrina (Germany), O. Chychurina, Brest University named after A. Pushkin (Belarus), A. Amangel’dy (Kazakhstan), O. Yampolska (Switzerland) and many others. Ukrainian scientists, who published their articles in the Journal “Theory and Practice of Intellectual Property”, demonstrate a broad geography, as soon as they are from the leading institutions of education and science of Ukraine in Kyiv, Donetsk, Lviv, Odessa, Kharkiv, Cherkasy, Chernivtsi etc.

However, the idea of the Journal embodied all these years is to provide the possibility for publishing to postgraduate students, external doctorate student and other young researchers and talented students who are interested in public realization of their intellectual and creative achievements. In case of having positive reviews (external or internal) their scientific publications are placed in the journal.

With the purpose of the content of the Journal and the expansion of its subjects not only well-known persons, experienced scientists and young researchers, but also practitioners who work in the field of intellectual property and innovations, or are interested in it, are invited.

The main theme of the Journal – articles on intellectual property, innovations, and economics of intellectual property.

Languages of edition: multilingual (Ukrainian, Russian, English, Polish etc.).

Periodicity: The Journal is published every two months. Articles are accepted throughout the year. Circulation – 300 copies.

Status of journal: national

Distribution sphere: nationwide, partially CIS countries

Copies of the Journal are available for mandatory dispatch to national public libraries and libraries of leading Ukrainian universities. The Journal is sent to the V. Vernadskiy National Library of Ukraine, and posted on the website of the Scientific and Research Institute of Intellectual Property of NALS of Ukraine.

Target readers: scientists, employees of juridical, law-enforcing and other state agencies, officials of local authorities, practicing lawyers, students of higher schools and law faculties.

Program aims (main principles): to favor the increase of scientific and theoretical, educational and methodic qualification of the university’s employees and the employees of other higher schools and law faculties.

The task and the main aim of the edition is to popularize new achievements of jurisprudence and to exchange the leading experience in the sphere of juridical education, to discuss the problems of preparation of the future lawyers, and current problems of practical application of civil and civil procedural law as well as intellectual property law of Ukraine.