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E. Shtefan

Literary agent — a myth or reality?

P. 3-10

The author considers the work of lit­erary agents and investigates the func­tion of their activities. Also provides an analysis of the literary agency con­tract. The author concludes that there are neither traditional literary agents nor literary agencies in Ukraine.

Yu. Ganzhurov

Protection of copyright in the pub­lishing field: the problematic issues

P. 11-13

The author examines the norms of Ukrainian legislation in the sphere of relations between an author and a pub­lisher.

I. Koval

Characteristics of rights to industri­al property in accordance with the gen­eral model of the subjective right

P. 14-21

The article presents a study of legis­lation, scientific literature on problem­atic issues concerning the legal nature and content side of rights to industrial property. The need for formation of a clear and unambiguous understanding of the exclusive rights in accordance with the general model of subjective right is proved.

B. Prahov

On the identification and selection of license topics in the sale of related licenses practice

P. 22-26

The author considers a form of li­censing, namely — the related licenses. Conducted a comprehensive analysis of the forms of such licenses, single out the benefits of this type of license and its scope.

O. Chomakhashvili

The substance of administrative legal regulation in the sphere of right’s in an industrial design protection

P. 27-32

In the present article the author re­views the significance of intellectual property in the sphere of the govern­mental administration, and the influ­ence of the state authorities activities on the development of country’s cre­ative potential. The article also reveals the system of governmental bodies ensuring IP rights protection. The author draws conclusion about the substance of ad­ministrative legal regulation in the sphere of right’s in industrial designs protection. The author also presents the object, aims, tasks, and characters, as well as defines the term of administrative legal regulation of protection of rights in in­dustrial designs.

I. Dorokhina, N. Samolovova

Some aspects of the study of verbal signs semantics

P. 33-38

The paper is devoted to studying of the semantics of qualitative character­istics of verbal signs that affect the general conclusion about the similari­ty / dissimilarity of verbal trademarks, through the compilation of expert prac­tice as well.

N. Ryazanova

Topical aspects of foreign experi­ence of adjusting of rights is conducted on the official objects of intellectual property

P. 39-45

The analysis of foreign experience of adjusting of rights is conducted on the official objects of intellectual property. Special attention is spared to experi­ence of the USA and leading European countries. It is certain priority princi­ples of public policy of stimulation of creative activity of worker and opti­mum use of intellectual resources in the leading companies of the world.

V. Belevtseva

Improvement of administrative leg­islation on questions of regime activity

P. 46-53

The article is devoted to research of intellectual property as component safety of the state. On the basis of the material given in the article, the regime of intellectual property is se­lected, resulted the legislation of Ukraine in relation to his adjusting, conclusions and suggestions are formu­lated in an aspect providing of intellec­tual safety of the state.

O. Goyko

From judicial defense to alternative resolution of disputes

P. 54-60

The article is devoted to alternative methods for conflict solving, wherein special attention is drawn to the insti­tutes for pre-court dispute resolution, arbitral proceedings, mediation as well as the analysis is given as for their pe­culiarities, lacks and advantages.

N. Zahrisheva

Legal regulation of the accounting of intangible assets

P. 61-69

The article is devoted to the regula­tion of the accounting of intangible as­sets in Ukraine. A comparative analysis of national legislation on intangible as­sets with the laws of the USA, Russia, Azerbaijan, as well as with Internation­al Accounting Standards is made.

O. Simson

Implementation of the public-pri­vate partnerships model in the innova­tion strategy of Ukraine

P. 70-77

The author considers such form of relationship as an innovative public- private partnership; a comprehensive analysis of topics is made, and also is examined the role of government in in­novation processes and ways to improve the innovation activity in Ukraine through public-private partnership.

A. Amangeldy

Peculiarities of legal regulations of franchising

P. 78-96

The article is analyzed the condi­tions of franchising appearance and de­velopment as one of effective business practices. With consideration of the economic and legal specifics the fran­chising classifications are reviewed, and also is given the notion of a fran­chising agreement. Franchising laws in the U.S.A., Western Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Kazakhstan are analyzed. In accordance with the fore­going the author of the article offers to improve a part of rules governing fran­chise relations in Kazakhstan.

Yu. Tsyukalo

The principle of the inadmissibility of civil rights abuses of subjective in­tent of injury (chicanery) in the Roman-Germanic legal system

P. 97-103

In this article the legal principle of the inadmissibility of strengthening civil rights abuses of subjective intent to harm (chicane) in the Roman-Ger- manic legal system. The author exam­ines this principle through the legal codexes in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and other countries. Author made analysis of “subjective” and “objective” interpretation of the category of “chicane”.

V. Nevidomyi

The evolution of legal values and the idea of constitutionalism

P. 104-112

The investigation of the self-orga­nizing mechanisms of legal values’ sys­tem gives an opportunity to reveal the logic of the very idea’s of constitution­alism generation, and also to under­stand the specific features of its mod­ern interpretation and legitimation.

I. Duhnevych

Legal issues of agricultural legisla­tion improving

P. 113-120

The article deals with the direction of further improvement of the agrarian legislation of Ukraine. Among the main areas stand out: a science-based ap­proach to the development of regula­tions, inventory of agricultural legisla­tion, state registration of bylaws; time­ly updating of the agrarian legislation, its internal coherence; and harmoniza­tion of agricultural legislation with the European Union.

Yu. Kondratska

Legal acts of the National bank of Ukraine: theoretical and applied as­pects

P. 121-128

The article is devoted to legal acts of the National bank of Ukraine and its role in Ukrainian banking system devel­opment. The special attention is paid to legal nature and classification of legal acts of the National bank of Ukraine. The analysis of practical issues of real­ization of legal acts of the National bank of Ukraine is also given in the ar­ticle.

A. Nyzhnyi

Obsignation as a part of the written form of a civil contract

P. 129-134

The author’s article is devoted to the study of problematic issues that arise in the field of use of private seal when concluding a contract.

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