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L. Komziuk

Copyright limitations in the Slovak Republic

P. 3-8

In the article some aspects of theory and practice of copyright limitations are considered in the context of their balanced with a constitutional right on information. The proper experience of Slovakia is analysed. Substantiated necessity and best ways to the use of this experience for perfection of Ukrainian legislation.

I. Yakubivskyi

Problems of fixing of property copy­rights in the legislation of Ukraine

P. 9-14

In the article are analyzed the prob­lems of fixing of property copyrights inthe legislation of Ukraine. A question is investigational in relation to excep­tional character of property copyrights. Drawn conclusion, that is envisaged in the legislation of Ukraine the list of methods of the use of work does not ex­haust about that.

O. Shtefan

Firework — a show or an object of patenting?

P. 15-19

In the first part of the article the au­thor examines the history of gunpowder and fireworks discovering. The second part of the article is analyzed the fire­works from the patent law point of view.

H. Androschuk

Systems of state government of patent licensing activity

P. 20-39

Based on the analysis of legislation of more than 30 countries, a system of public administration of patent and li­censing activities, its functions, gener­al features and characteristics are shown. It is concluded that the lack of imperative requirements and mecha­nisms in Ukraine favours the unfair competition, an outflow of scientific and technical developments abroad, etc.

B. Prakhov

Questions of state regulation and state involvement in patent legal rela­tions: an analytical review of foreign legislation

P. 40-48

The author analyzes the practice of state regulation of the patent-law rela­tionships, as well as the degree of state involvement in patent and legal rela­tions in such countries as the USA, France, Japan and others.

V. Batova

Intellectual property issues in sci­ence and technology agreements of Ukraine

P. 49-55

The article analyses the science and technology cooperation agreements in Ukraine and, in particular, intellectual property issues in that kind of agree­ments.

C. Chikin, V. Chernenko

Trade secret as an management ob­ject in the enterprise: organizational, technical, and psychological actions

P. 56-64

The article is devoted to the plan­ning and organizing of the necessary organizational, technical, and psycho­logical actions to classify the enterprise information as a trade secret. In partic­ular the process of classifying informa­tion as a trade secret, creating condi­tions for ensuring the secrecy of infor­mation and psychological warfare operations aimed at the non-disclosure of business secrets.

O. Simson

The genesis of innovative theories in the context of general socio-historical development

P. 65-71

In this article the author examines the genesis of innovation theories in general socio-historical development and analyzes the responses to the changes in the legal science.

M. Mikulina

Information privacy of an individual

P. 72-76

The article deals with personally identifiable information as moral rights of an individual, its distinctive fea­tures, providing legislative protection.

O. Holovenko

Theoretical legal approaches to un­derstanding of the financial liability

P. 77-83

The article investigates the theoreti­cal approaches to understanding of the financial liability, analyses the provi­sions of actual financial and tax legis­lation in order to discover the features of financial prosecution for financial offences.

O. Bykov

Prospects and possible ways to im­prove the legislation in the sphere of freedom of religion right realization in Ukraine

P. 84-91

The article made assessment of the prospects and possible ways to improve the legislation of Ukraine in imple­menting the rights of Ukrainian citi­zens to freedom of conscience and reli­gion. Formed proposal to improve the religious situation in Ukraine at the legislative level.

D. Hetmantsev

Financial and legal contract: theo­retical approaches

P. 92-97

This article analyzes the theory of law for consideration of legal facts as the basis of commitments, adminis­trative and legal approaches to scientif­ic understanding of the administrative agreement and researches financial and legal sciences to develop the concept and basic features of financial and legal agreement.

№ 5 (61), 2011
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