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R. Ennan

Determinative fundamentals of intel­lectual property law

P. 7-15

The article analyzes the determina­tive fundamentals of intellectual prop­erty law, the intellectual property law categories — system, principles, func­tions, objects, persons of law, legal re­lationships — are determined. It is ana­lyzed the essence, the legal nature of the rights to the results of intellectual and creative activities (exclusive «intel­lectual» rights), their differences from the ownership (property) law; search for a place of intellectual property law in modern law system.

N. Ryazanova

Priority directions for legal regula­tion improving of intellectual property rights which are created at public ex­pense


Bases of the legal adjusting of rights are analyzed on the objects of intellec­tual property, that is created for state means. Certain basic problems of this sphere. Offered own vision of mecha­nism of distribution of the rights on the objects of intellectual property, cre­ated for state means.

V. Drobyazko

Administrative procedures of the copyright protection in the U.S.A.

P. 22-26

The article deals with the rights, du­ties and practice of the U.S. Commis­sion on International Trade and the U.S. Customs Service on copyright pro­tection, in particular, powers and pro­cedures, investigations and enforce­ment of legislation; detention, seizure and elimination of infringing goods, the registration requirements to copy­right objects registration for the pur­pose of applying enforcement measures at the customs border.

K. Afanasyeva

Contractual relations in the sphere of broadcasting organizations

P. 27-33

The article is devoted to the prob­lems of legal regulation of contractual relations of broadcasting organizations. The main types of agreements in the sphere of intellectual property, facing broadcasters in their work; their classi­fication, the features of the conclusion of such agreements are analyzed.

L. Mamchur

Placing the product in the Internet as a way of its utilization

P. 33-40

The author analyzes the problems existing in the Internet connecting with the utilization of intellectual property objects.

O. Yaremchuk, N. Bezsmertna

Problems of definition of an «audio­visual work» in Ukrainian legislation

P. 41-43

The article examines the domestic legislation in the audiovisual field, and the problem of an «audiovisual work» definition.

O. Shtefan

Arbitration procedure as the con­tractual alternative way to resolve the conflict in copyright area

C. 44-49

The author makes a thorough analy­sis of the peculiarities of the arbitra­tion procedure, and offers it as an addi­tional way of resolving conflicts.

M. Mykytyn

The rights on objects of intellectual property in respect of civil liability

P. 50-57

State regulation of intellectual prop­erty rights protection is revealed. The concept of intellectual property objects is characterized. The classification of intellectual property objects is provid­ed. Legal protection of intellectual property objects is researched. A civil protection and civil liability for viola­tion of the right to objects of intellec­tual property are analyzed.

A. Romashko, O. Pyvovarov, O. Foya

Equivalent and alternative attribut­es of the legislation of Ukraine

P. 58-60

The article discusses the problem of patent legislation of Ukraine relative to precise definitions of alternativeness and equivalences; and the interpretation differences of these concepts among the legislative documents and other infor­mation resources.

N. Zahrisheva

Legal regulation of the tax treat­ment of intangible assets

P. 61-66

The article describes the main provi­sions of the tax treatment of intangible assets. It is proposed introduction of number of changes to section 3 of the Tax Code of Ukraine.

O. Muzyka-Stefanchuk

The classification of budget rela­tions: theory and practice questions

P. 67-72

The doctrinal approaches to the clas­sification of budget relations are ana­lyzed in the article. The practical im­portance of doctrinal classification is probed.

O. Holovenko

The theoretical fundamentals of the «public finance» category in financial law

P. 73-78

The author analyzes the theoretical fundamentals of the «Public Finance» category in financial law, gives the characteristics of the concept, high­lights the main features.

O. Ishchenko

Legal aspects of administrative-ter­ritorial organization of Ukrainian lands as the part of the Russian em­pire in 1721-1825

P. 79-90

The article is devoted to the analysis of Ukrainian lands’ territorial organi­zation practice as the part of the Russ­ian empire in 1721-1825 in the context of necessity to take into account succes­sion and continuance of the proper spa­tial models while forming the newest concepts to constitutional transforma­tions of Ukrainian administrative-terri­torial system.

O. Bykov

Peculiarities of legal regulation of religious freedom in Ukraine from 40th till 80th of XX century


The article reflected peculiarities of legal regulation of religious freedom, starting from the moment the German occupied Ukrainian lands 1941-1944’s, the Soviet regime, 60-80th of the XX century. As a result of detailed analysis of all legislation on religion and church concluded antireligious nature of Sovi­et legislation on freedom of religion, and noted that the persecution of be­lievers in the USSR was state policy.

I. Lyska

Legislation on the foreign Ukraini­ans legal status needs to be changed

P. 96-103

The author analyzes the Ukrainian legislation concerning the legal status of foreign Ukrainians, focusing on pro­visions requiring changes.

№ 3 (59), 2011
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