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Z. Mamon

The international arbitration as the facility of peaceful permission of international disputes

P. 3-9

The article is dedicated to the in­ternational arbitration as one of the facilities of peaceful permission of in­ternational disputes in all spheres of international cooperation. The specific features of international arbitration and its advantages were given by com­parison to diplomatic facilities (nego­tiations, conciliatory facilities, good offices etc.) and judicial proceedings. The Article provides the definition, briefly expounds historical develop­ment of this institute of international law and the last example of its appli­cation in the international territorial dispute (Slovenia-v-Croatia).

H. Androshchuk

Patent system in the world’s econ­omy: development scenarios

P. 10-21

The article is based on the results of the study «EPO Scenarios for the Future», held on the initiative of pro­fessor Alain Pompidou, the President of the European Patent Office. Such studies carried out for the first time, it lasted more than three years and is based on more than one hundred for­mal interviews with the world’s lead­ing experts in the business world, civil society leaders and politicians, experts in intellectual property field, international organizations, patent offices.

A. Shtefan

Self-defense of copyright and re­lated rights

P. 22-29

The author analyzes the existing scientific approaches to the determi­nation of the legal nature of self-de­fense of civil rights, considers the content and reasons of self-defense of copyright and related rights, pecu­liarities of its use.

O. Kryzhny

Some questions of the codification of legislation on criminal liability for violation of intellectual property rights

P. 30-35

In article the expediency of inclu­sion in the project of the Code of in­tellectual property of norms about the criminal liability is analyzed. The attention to necessity of observance of a principle of continuity of the cri­minal legislation, to impossibility of such codification without preliminary modification of the existing Criminal code of Ukraine and change of funda­mental bases of a science of criminal law is paid. The author comes to conclusion about inexpediency of in­clusion of norms about the criminal liability in the project of the Code of intellectual property.

S. Butnik-Siversky

The inheritance of trademark right

P. 36-44

The author considers the issue of the inheritance of trademark right and analyses the legislation, which regulates this relationship. It is re­vealed the problem of applicant re­placement by the heir in that case, when the testator filed a trademark application, but hasn’t obtained the certificate.

V. Drobyazko

Licensing and copyright manage­ment in digital environment

P. 45-50

The article deals with licensing is­sues and the collective management, digital rights management, as well as trends in licensing and rights man­agement in the digital environment.

L. Scherba

Forms of collective management of copyright and related rights

P. 51-56

The author considers the questions of forms collective management of copyright and related rights. The classify of forms collective manage­ment of copyright and related rights are certain.

S. Revutsky

Formation and development of in­novative technology park infrastruc­ture in the Russian Federation

P. 57-69

The author considers the problems of formation and development of technological and scientific parks, technology towns — «Science Cities», as well as technology & innovation and investment & innovation centers in the Russian Federation. Particular attention is paid to general and spe­cific features of the development of these forms of innovative infrastruc­ture in Russia.

B. Paduchak

Essential conditions of technology transfer treaties

P. 70-77

The features of the legislative con­solidation of the essential conditions

№ 3 (53), 2010
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