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O. Shtefan

Art forgery. There are many forgeries of fine art works in the world

P. 7-24

History has many cases of art works forgery of well-known artists such as Van Gogh, Paul Gauguin, Chagall, Picasso, Botticelli and oth­ers. Interest to the great art remains popular nowadays so the forgery of paintings is also relevant. In a case of this author’s article is devoted to his­torical and up-to-date aspect of art imitation subject.

A. Hryshchenko

Pledge of proprietary rights of copyright and related rights (com­parative law characteristics of for­eign law)

P. 25-33

The author analyzes foreign legis­lation which regulates pledge of pro­prietary rights of copyright and re­lated rights and determines its devel­opment tendencies. On the ground of this he brings to light faults and ad­vantages of regulations of pledge re­lationship in foreign law in order to form proposals of domestic legislation reforming.

L. Tsybulska, Yu. Fedotova

Problem aspects of software pro­tection in Ukraine

P. 34-38

The article enlightened aspects and peculiarities of civil law protection of software. Proposals of improvement of software protection mechanism in Ukraine are developed.

L. Dresvyankyna

Woe from Wit, or how providers “UMA” sue

P. 39-42

The article deals with problems providers of software services en­countered in recent.

A. Gryban

Conditions and recommendations for successful patenting of individual chemical compounds

P. 43-50

The author considers conditions of patenting of inventions in the field of chemistry. On the basis of the analy­sis of corresponding statutory acts, and also sites of the largest patent departments of the world and search databases the author develops practi­cal recommendations for patenting the inventions concerning individual chemical compounds.

A. Mindrul

Some aspects of TRIPS Agree­ment demands realization concerning to protection of undisclosed information of Ukraine’s law in the context of access to medicines

P. 51-58

The author carries out complex analysis of Ukraine’s law in fields of intellectual property and medicine registration for displaying in it de­mands of part 3 Article 39 of TRIPS Agreement and identifying regula­tions that exceed the requirements of the Agreement.

H. Androshchuk

Mechanism of state support of patenting: Poland’s experience

P. 59-67

The author’s article is devoted to studying of commercialization of sci- tech elaborations, inventions state support in foreign countries.

N. Ivanytska

State registration of trademark li­censing agreement

P. 68-73

The idea of restoring the required governmental registration of license agreement on using of trade mark is supported in the article. Legal appli­cation problems originated from the set form of the bargain. As to conclu­sion new redaction of Article # 1114 of the Civil Code of Ukraine is of­fered.

I. Galytsya, M. Shevchenko, A. Galytsya, Yu. Kindzersky

Features of innovation process management in present conditions

P. 74-82

The article is devoted to the elabo­ration of effective mechanisms of in­novation management at macro level.

S. Revutskyi

Research and development ap­proaching to European integration space

P. 83-87

In this article the author considers ways of approaching to integration process of the European Union scien­tific-technological sphere.

B. Paduchak

Legal Aspects of the Protection of Economic Competition in the field of Technology Transfer

P. 88-98

The legal provisions of the Euro­pean Union, the USA and Japan for the protection of economic competi­tion in the field of technology trans­fer are studied. The author analyzed their characteristics and compared them with the requirements con­tained in legal acts of Ukraine.

N. Zahrisheva

Technological process: legal pro­tection and accounting

P. 99-109

Legal safeguard of technological process is carried out within the framework of institute of commercial secret in accordance with the Civil Code of Ukraine, Commercial Code of Ukraine and other normative-legal acts. The accounting of technological process is carried out on the basis of the Standard of accounting 8 «Intan­gible assets» taking into account the features of estimation of assets, re­sulted in the Standard 2 «Balance».

V. Kryzhna

Codification variants of the legis­lation in the field of intellectual property

P. 110-115

On the basis of world experience, advantages and disadvantages of var­ious codification variants of the legis­lation in field of intellectual property are analyzed: at level of separate spe­cial laws; two-level system at which Civil code contains fundamental pro­visions concerning intellectual prop­erty and separate laws contain special provisions; codification of all posi­tions in Code of intellectual property or Civil code. The author considers inexpedient adoption of Code of intel­lectual property at the given stage of the legislation development in Ukraine

V. Danyliv

About land legal relations in agri­cultural cooperative societies

P. 116-122

On the basis of some Ukraine’s laws regulations analysis author in­vestigates land legal relations in agri­cultural cooperative societies and gives suggestions for improving their legal regulations

D. Akimov

Employment without guaranties and emigrational tourism

P. 116-122

Among the variety of problems connected with labour migration, of Ukrainian citizens in particular, first of all in the “west” direction, espe­cially in Western Europe states, an opportunity of guaranteed employmentone is one of the crucial . This very problem is author’s article de­voted to.

№ 1 (51), 2010
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